The Chair in Digital Economy delivers keynotes presentations to inspire and challenge your organisation’s business mindset. Our keynotes focus on the varse opportunities the digital economy presents.

Example topics include:

  • Thriving in digital economy
  • Proactive organisations
  • Opportunity mindset in the digital economy
  • Futures Thinking
  • Structured Innovation Processes
  • Structured Ideation
  • Influencing customer behaviour using technology

A keynote for Australia Post: “Hats off to whoever found this star!”; “An excellent session and also very entertaining. I think I could have listened for another hour.”; “best ever. All Aust post staff could do to see the video clips. More areas of management should see his presentation.”

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The Chair in Digital Economy is a joint venture and a globally unique partnership between, QUTPwCBrisbane Marketing and the Queensland Government. The Chair sets a world-class standard for collaboration among academia, industry and government. With all its partners, the Chair in Digital Economy has a shared goal to explore and develop new creative opportunities in an age of great disruption.

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