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In a world where interactions between people, organisations and governments increasingly take place digitally, a new paradigm for value creation and exchange emerges—one with people at its heart. People activate their own data and networks to create and share information and experiences and also services and goods. Digital Identity 3.0 is a concept for a platform facilitating this exchange and embodies the paradigm shift; it is a platform that empowers people.

Imagine organisations – public or private – proactively reaching out to individuals to offer them relevant experiences, goods or services. Imagine individuals being in control and making best informed decisions. Imagine and share your thoughts in this highly interactive event.

In collaboration with PwC, Australia Post and Queensland Government, the PwC Chair in Digital Economy invites you to hear, connect and contribute to Digital Identity 3.0, our second public event showcasing research, insights and industry collaborations focused on Digital Identity 3.0.

Join us for:

Digital Identity 3.0
Monday 31 August 2015
5 – 8 pm
PwC Innovation Hub, L10, Riverside Centre, 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane

The Chair in Digital Economy is a joint venture and a globally unique partnership between, QUTPwCBrisbane Marketing and the Queensland Government. The Chair sets a world-class standard for collaboration among academia, industry and government. With all its partners, the Chair in Digital Economy has a shared goal to explore and develop new creative opportunities in an age of great disruption.

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