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What an incredibly informative night. We’re still buzzing! Thanks to all involved!

Proactive Organisation Digital Queensland

Always a pleasure to listen to professor

eHealthQLDExpo Ina

is one of the few in the world to support new thinking and getting things done

Getting things done DIan Tjondronegoro

inspiring to hear how oppositional thinking is catalysing the digital economy!

Oppositional thinking catalysing the digital economy Bronwyn Harch, Director, Institute for Future Environments, QUT

Really enjoyed Michael’s presentation – obviously a smart cookie but also very engaging speaker. Lots
of greats nuggets to challenge our thinking and motivate action.  Fascinating and great speaker. Who said Germans don’t do funny…

Germans = funny 2015 Suncorp Marketing Conference

Great information delivered with an excellent sense of humour. Made me want to come up with a
process to approach my work in a more effective way.


Sense of Humour 2015 Suncorp Marketing Conference

Thoroughly enjoyed this opening session for Day 2. The digital age is changing our business and how
we work and meet customer needs. We need to ensure we continue to stay ahead of this game as it
continues to evolve.


Digital Age 2015 Suncorp Marketing Conference

This was really interesting session and very valuable insight into how society is working with the
digital world and how Suncorp needs to start thinking.


Valuable insights 2015 Suncorp Marketing Conference

Unreal! His sense of humour and delivery throughout his content was extremely entertaining not to mention a fascinating topic. Really enlightening stuff!

2015 Suncorp Marketing Conference

I attended your Digital Disruption presentation yesterday for Queensland Government and just wanted to write to say thank you for such an amazing, eye opening and thought providing presentation. The ideas and concepts you highlighted are so exciting and game changing not just for our work within government but also for our private lives as digital citizens. 

As I was sitting there listening to you, I just kept thinking I wish I was 19 again and studying in the digital technology field, such an exciting future awaits.

I wish I was 19 again… Channel Management Team, Qld Government

Highly engaging session using concepts and tangible examples to help us understand the concepts in action. Exciting topic and the passion that the Professor has for his work was conveyed well.

Highly engaging.. from Leaders Forum

Professor Rosemann was right on the money in terms of tackling ‘digital’ as a key interruptive that our organisation should be focusing on. I particularly like the concept/idea presented around taking a selection of creative thinkers/doers from within QUU and shifting them offline to conduct research throughout Australia and abroad on industry practices with competitors and other sectors, as well as exploring technology and partnering opportunities going forward. This seems to be the way progressive companies are going and focussing on innovative approaches can only be a good thing.

Right on the money from Leaders Forum evaluation