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What will our healthcare system look like in 2050? How will it differ from today?

When we explore Australia’s healthcare system, we face a multitude of complex pain points and emerging innovations that are poised to disrupt the traditional and conservative foundation on which it is built.

The PwC Chair in Digital Economy, in collaboration with QUT Health and PwC, present this special event.
Health 5.0 will delve into three key drivers that will be at the core of our future healthcare system:
1. Health data connectivity;
2. Machine, artificial intelligence and human integration; and
3. Ecosystems of wellness.

Join us, and like-minded individuals, as we explore the notion of Health 5.0. What is it, what will it bring, how will it impact us and how can we harness the vast opportunities?

We have engaged the best, brightest and most curious minds from our local healthcare sector to unpack these questions. You can expect to be inspired, challenged, and expand your network among hundreds of other health and digital economy leaders.

Date: Thursday, 23 November
Venue: PwC, level 23, 480 Queen Street, Brisbane
Time: 5.30pm – 8pm

Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz | head of PwC Chair in Digital Economy
Professor Mia Woodruff | QUT Acting Director, Herston Biofabrication Institute
Professor Lisa Nissen | Head of School, Clinical Sciences at QUT
David Bunker | Executive Director, Queensland Genomics Health Alliance