High Growth Firms

Investigated through this project is the interaction between digital disruption, technology change and organisational growth. The focus is on high growth Queensland-based firms and the way technology and technological change […]

Queensland Urban Utilities

This multi-staged project will start with a review of the use of digital information in current business as usual (BAU) activities for QUU. It will identify opportunities for QUU to […]

Proactive Government Service Delivery

This research explores innovative, credible and achievable whole of government proactive service models within a digitised economy and the environment for Queensland State Government implementation with a one-year timeframe. The […]

Motor Accident Insurance Commission

This partnership addresses the future of compulsory third party (CTP) insurance in a digital economy by employing scenario thinking methods to look at the near and distant future, identifying factors […]

State Library Queensland

State Library Queensland (SLQ) and public libraries across the world are facing major shifts in customer demand rendering what historically was at the very core of the organisation — books […]


Powerlink Queensland recognizes the potential of Big Data, and wants to understand how, specifically, it will change the electrical power transmission industry and Powerlink’s broader operating landscape. In other words, […]

Australia Post

Objectives: Ignite digital and disruptive thinking within Australia Post, enabling their staff to innovate and provide better outcomes for their customers; and Grow digital mindset within Australia Post, to deliver value […]