Strategic Readiness

The age of digitisation and the plethora of disruption it unlocks puts many established revenue streams under threat.  Navigating this unknown digital terrain requires strategic insights founded on new ways of thinking. As such it is no longer enough for organisations to only focus on optimising their operations and striving for efficiency gains. To remain relevant organisations must acquire evidence-based insights on revenue resilience, new business models and change models.

Lending on industry and academic insights, the PwC Chair in Digital Economy seeks to explore:

  1. assessment strategies to assist organisations to identify at risk revenue streams;
  2. high growth firms; their business models, environmental context, unique selling propositions and the key factors influencing their growth;
  3. new and emerging business models, trends in this area and success levels in applying these business models to entrepreneurs and existing organisations; and
  4. fast paced change initiatives in the digital age.