Digital Readiness

The ability to thrive in the digital economy requires organisation to have a consistent approach to identifying and assessing new opportunities.  Whether applying a digital-first methodology or looking to digitise existing value creation, organisations can benefit from evidence-led insights about digital mindset, digital identity and the proactive organisation.  

Lending on industry and academic insights, the PwC Chair in Digital Economy seeks to explore:

  1. how a digital mindset impacts leadership and organisational agility in a technology-agnostic environment;
  2. strategies influencing digital attention and the exchange of digital capital; 
  3. how the ‘economy of people’ will impact power structures as data becomes a commodity of the future;
  4. how customer-centric engagement models will unlock new value;
  5. how data analytics will unlock new products and services in a proactive or predictive way; and
  6. the identification and value of digital signals.