Digital Strategy of the Future

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The digital age continues to drive fundamental changes in the way we live, work, and think. Many organisations respond to the opportunities of the digital age by developing their digital strategies. Initially focused on the management of ICT resources, digital strategies have gradually shifted toward digital marketing, and most recently they concentrate on leveraging the opportunities of the digital age to create and maintain revenue resilience of organisations. Do we know how to develop digital strategies successfully? Do we know how to develop successful digital strategies? Can a digital strategy be a competitive differentiator of an organisation?

Cr Krista Adams will officially open “Digital Strategy of the Future” at QUT on 31 August.

Join us as we explore the future of digital strategy. We will discuss why it matters, how to approach it, and what it should look like. We will see how the Brisbane City Council has refreshed the digital strategy of Brisbane and we will learn what it means for other organisations. We will discuss with academics and practitioners about the experience gained from developing and implementing digital strategies, giving you actionable insights into how to approach it yourself.


Our speakers and panelists for this event include,


Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz

PwC Chair in Digital Economy at QUT




Dr Paula Dootson

Research Fellow, PwC Chair in Digital Economy





Cat Matson

Brisbane’s Chief Digital Officer





Sam Hussey

Managing Director of Lightweave





Llew Jury

Digital Entrepreneur, head of Llew Jury & Co.





Prof. Michael Rosemann

Executive Director, Corporate Engagement at QUT




Monica Bradley

Founder of Purposeful Capital and Industry Engagement Lead at PwC Chair in Digital Economy




As with every event of the PwC Chair in Digital Economy, you can expect to be inspired, take home ideas you can try out immediately, and expand your network among hundreds of other digital economy leaders.


When: Thursday 31 August, 5:00 – 8:30pm

Location: Queensland University of Technology

Room Three Sixty, Level 10, Y Block, QUT Gardens Point, 2 George Street, Brisbane


Tickets are available here