Digital identity 3.0 giving power back to the people

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Over 200 of Brisbane’s top digital and information professionals joined the PwC Chair in Digital Economy, QUT, Australia Post, PwC and MyWave to explore dimensions of Digital Identity 3.0: the platform for people where consumers are empowered to own, manage and share their data on their terms.

A digital identity is the ‘holy grail’ of the digital economy of people. It is a record of personal information created independent of a corporate context. It covers attributes related to demographics and personal education, entertainment, finance, health, retail, likes and dislikes.

Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz, senior research lead and CEO for the PwC Chair in Digital Economy said “it was exciting to meet the digital community in Brisbane. We had a lively debate challenging notions of digital identity as it relates to people, companies and things.   The whole experience has reinforced my view that Brisbane is an ideal location for innovative digital start ups. Together a lot can be done here and taken to a global scale.”

Many local digital startups were in attendance including Pet Cloud, Your Digital File, HEOSoftware, Liquid State, Kolossus Digital and Haystack to name just a few. QUT Starters, Croomo and Help Me With It also attended.

“We see providing the opportunity for digital start ups to connect with corporates such as Australia Post, PwC, Westpac and BOQ as key in developing an innovation ecosystem here in Brisbane” says Professor Kowalkiewicz.

2015 QUT Digital Identity 3.0 - Press 009Speakers included Australia Post who are actively developing digital identity solutions, MyWave a digital identity platform start up and QUT researcher Dr Willem Mertens who together with Professor Michael Rosemann co-authored the Digital Identity 3.0: the platform for people paper. All of this set in a context of the recent data indiscretion of Ashley Madison.

Amy Johnson, MyWave Co-Founder and Customer Experience Officer said “We think about consumer data like money. How do consumers – you and me – think about and want our money handled by banks and financial institutions. At MyWave we use the same approach to thinking about how the public might want their data to be used and valued.”

The impact of the digital identity revolution is not years away – it is here now and is going to touch almost every facet of modern life. The future is personalised, connected and user centric.

The digital identity event was the second public event hosted by the PwC Chair in Digital Economy, bringing together Brisbane’s leading digital community. Explores new opportunities for industry-academia relationships in the digitally connected economy, the PwC Chair in Digital Economy inspires and drives digital business take-up through research, education, services and industry advocacy.

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