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Blockchain | Digital Week Podcast

As a society we are reliant on trusted third parties to process and keep accurate records regarding commercial transactions. For decades these third parties including banks, governments, accounting and law […]

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Corporate venture capital can pay, but only if you get the structure right

S. Ramakrishna Velamuri, China Europe International Business School and Haemin Dennis Park, Drexel University Large established firms increasingly rely on external sources for innovation. One way these firms are seeking […]

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Looking for a Silicon Valley internship?

Internships are now available for students and recent graduates, providing challenging and interesting roles in early stage startups for 6 months in the Startup Capital of the World. When the internship […]

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Designed to inspire and educate, thought leadership delivered in a power packed session.  Public seminars focus on digital economy themes, concepts, research, insights and opportunities.


Public seminars showcasing deep research insights, challenging digital economy concepts and exploring new paradigms.  Supported by dynamic applied prototypes, start up pitches and online engagement, the events are designed to be stimulate discussion and economic activity.


Thought-leadership backed by evidence-based research in key areas of the digital economy.  Tested with applied industry partnerships, our publications provide insights of real world value to corporates, governments, industry, SME’s, startups and students alike.

Student Design Jam

An intensive one or two day ideation session utilising the unbiased, creative talent of students, i.e. digital natives with a high ease of using contemporary technologies.  In response to a contextualising problem statement, a gamified environment (pitches & judging) and catalysing ideas ensure that new ideas are uncovered providing valuable input for subsequent incubation activities.

Digital Week Podcast

The digital economy demands high levels of awareness to stay ahead of the trends, opportunities and threats.  In response to this need, in 2015 we launched the Digital week podcast series.

In less than 15 minutes, each podcast covers emerging and current topics, local and international cases, sense-making views on developments and speculations on related new jobs.

Disruptive Innovation Leadership Course

Two day intensive programmes designed to empower leaders facing rapid change and growing uncertainty. Exploring how you can apply different ways of thinking and working to not only solve complex problems, but fundamentally disrupt your industry to gain an edge, elevating capability, capacity and confidence of individuals to participate, succeed and thrive in the disruptive environment.

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